Radiohead video shot at Cooper Park

Watch: Radiohead’s New ‘Man Of War’ Video Shot In East Williamsburg And Bushwick
By Kathleen Culliton

Radiohead released a new video shot outside what appears to be the Cooper Park tennis courts and the Scott Avenue train tracks.

EAST WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN — Radiohead has released a paranoia-inducing music video for “Man of War” that was shot in the streets of Brooklyn.

The song is one of three bonus tracks that will be released with OKNOTOK, a reissue of the band’s landmark album, OK Computer, on its 20th anniversary.

The “Man of War” video flips between day and night and follows a man, calm in the day and terrified at night, from what appears to be the Cooper Park tennis courts into the streets of East Williamsburg and onto the Scott Avenue train tracks, according to Gothamist.

The song was written by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in 1995 during a time in his life when he was feeling “really bonkers,” the singer told Rolling Stone.

“I was basically catatonic,” Yorke said. “I was getting into the sense of information overload.”

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Cooper Park Skate Park

‘Something for Everyone’ at Spiffy New Cooper Skate Park

Bedford + Bowery
By Kavitha Surana

A brand-new skate park in East Williamsburg was swarmed this evening with those eager to test their glide on the ledges, ramps and rails.

The mood was enthusiastic as skaters descended on Cooper Park, but despite crowds people politely waited turns for a chance to practice ollies and tricks. The smell of something herbal wafted from a far corner.

Many of the skaters said they were from other neighborhoods and boroughs and were coming to check out the scene. But for the locals, the new park is a major upgrade.

“It’s amazing,” said Yuriy Antoniv, 16, who began skating over two years ago. He used to skate at Knickerbocker Park but said Cooper Park was way better. “Before we’d have to go to a skatepark really far, but we only live 10 minutes away from here,” he said.

Reviews from veterans of the city’s skate-terrain were also positive: “It’s a lot of different parks all in one, all together,” said Alex Ruballo, 20, taking a break from practicing tricks on the A-line, his favorite part of the new park. “If you could compare with any park in the city, it’s closer to Tribeca or LES,” he added.

His friend, Adrian Chen, 21, also appreciated the grind scene. “It has really mellow obstacles, nothing really is too hard and there’s like, something for everyone: a ledge, a rail, little banks, little manny-pads,” he said.

The park facelift, on what used to be dilapidated sports fields, was paid for in 2011 by Council Member Antonio Reynoso’s office and construction began earlier this spring. Beyond the skatepark, the renovation also includes a dog run and basketball, tennis and handball courts.

Skater connoisseurs said Cooper was better than its neighbors. McCarren Park, opened in 2009, had never quite cut it. “It’s horrible there,” said Chen. “Here, if you fall on this floor it’s nice and smooth, if you fall over there, it’s like falling on the sidewalk.”

“It’s like a cheese grater!” added Ruballo.

The only complaint at Cooper? So far, the park is a victim of its success. “It’s really over-packed,” said Chen. “We don’t have parks like that, that’s why.” The boys said that, earlier in the day, they had even seen local pro skaters Alex Olson and Bobby Worrest come by for a spin. That’ll probably die down as the winter gets colder and Cooper Park becomes old(er) news.

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Friends of Cooper Park meeting

Befriend the Friends of Cooper Park

The Greenline
December 1, 2017
By Lori Ann Doyon

Friends of Cooper Park is a new neighborhood group with a mission to improve and maintain Cooper Park (Maspeth Ave., Sharon St. bet. Olive St. and Morgan Ave.). This park was first established in 1895 and in 2015 upgraded the tennis, handball and basketball courts plus added a new dog run, a skateboard park, and volleyball courts.

This November the Friends of Cooper Park held meeting to brainstorm about short- and long-term goals for the park. This resulted in the following priorities: maintaining a cleaner park, working to improve the plants and landscape plan, organizing more events, bringing back a farmers’ market, and establishing a “Leave no Trace” campaign to encourage people to leave the park cleaner than they found it.

They are looking to inspire neighbors to join the group.

“As a brand new organization, we are most in need of people who have enthusiasm for grassroots advocacy work. In the coming months we hope to create a website, research grant, and organize events for 2018. All help with these initiatives is welcome,” said Paul Kelterborn, who is leading Friends of Cooper Park.

Friends of Cooper Park is open to all who are interested in helping to advocate for a better park. If you are interested in more information join the Facebook group “Friends of Cooper Park” here:

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