About Friends of Cooper Park

The Friends of Cooper Park

Friends of Cooper Park (FOCP) is a community-based all volunteer group founded in November 2017.


The mission of Friends of Cooper Park is to protect and care for Cooper Park in partnership with the local community and the NYC Parks Department. We value Cooper Park as a heavily-used piece of open space in a part of the city without a lot of green space. Intensive growth in our neighborhood, and within the vicinity of Cooper Park is bringing many new residents and increasing pressure on the park. We seek to ensure that Cooper Park is resourced enough that it can continue to provide for existing residents while accommodating many more people in the coming years. Cooper Park serves a diverse constituency–from skateboarding teens to dog walkers, volleyball players to barbecuers–and we strive to create a space that brings people together with shared and overlapping interests. We want to preserve the park as an accessible green space that supports a multitude of uses and the diversity of the people that engage with it. The Friends of Cooper Park pledge to serve as stewards of the park and representatives of the East Williamsburg community as we fulfill our mission to safeguard and advocate for the park for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Fiscal Sponsorship       

Friends of Cooper Park (FOCP) is fiscally sponsored by North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (NBK Parks). For more information about NBK Parks, please visit www.nbkparks.org.